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MTR Muscle Tissue Restoration
MTR is a technique that brings about postural change while treating old and new injury. Your Therapist uses hand pressure techniques which break down scar tissue. This is a system of adhesion removal, which treats and prevents many injuries. Intense pressure & leverage is applied on the lower and upper extremities. Four points of pelvic alignment is achieved to reduce lower back pressure. Six points of brachial alignment is achieved by lengthening chest muscles, breaking down muscular adhesions, thus allowing a clear pathway for nerves and arteries. This effective treatment continues until there is no pain in muscle fiber, regardless of treatment pressure.

Microfiber reduction breaks down old injuries, increases flexibility and corrects most thoracic and cervical aches and pains. The therapist uses his/her hands with leverage to apply cross fiber and parallel friction to bring about healthy posture and body alignment. Stand taller and feel better with this intense lasting treatment.

Treatable diagnosis: Lumbago, Brachial Neuralgia, Sciatica, Carpel Tunnel, Herniated/Bulging Disk, Chrondromalacia patella, rotator cuff, etc.


Olof Kjellberg, L.M.T, Founder of Nordic Therapy in Chappaqua, NY, has for 14 years been formulating leverage techniques which produce intense force to breakdown scar tissue. His methods of body alignment have proven successful in treating various musculoskeletal ailments. Treatments are recommended twice a week for optimal results.

*All treatments end 5 minutes before the hour to allow preparation for next client.

About Brachial and Sacral Plexus
Brachial Plexus (6 points for alignment) 3 on each side of the body
Superior angle of scapula, Inferior angle of scapula, and the coricoid process.
These points are bony landmarks where important muscles attach via tendons. These bony landmarks are key in reversing an incorrect posture. A body position that includes slumping forward, narrow compressed shoulders, compressed ribcage, curved thoracic spine. The body needs to be reset in gravity to stop the constant building of irregular connective tissue. Once the body is reset; results include a corrected spine, wide shoulders, healthy nerve outlets, and scar tissue free muscles. This method treats Brachial neuralgia, cervical impingment, herniations, forward spinal curves, thoracic compression, etc.

Sacral Plexus (6 points for alignment) 3 on each side of the body
Ischeal Tuberosity, Illiac spine, and the Illiac crest.
These bony landmarks attach the Hamstrings, the Quads, and the Illiotibial band respectively. Because we are not ambidextrous, we use our limbs unequally which causes different lengths of muscle bellies. These muscle bellies attach to the bones via tendons. These tendons pull the skeleton out of alignment. Once the skeleton is out of alignment, the nerve outlets become compressed. When the nerve outlets are compressed, radiating pain can be sent down arms, legs, or into back. When the arteries are compressed, tingling and numbness occur. This is the reason people have herniated disks, back pain, sciatica, spinal curvatures, Chondromalacia patella, etc.