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After graduating from the Swedish Institute School of Manual Therapy in 1996, Olof has been focused on creating leverage techniques to break white tissue adhesions. By combining 10 years of martial arts and 13 years of muscle therapy, Olof's system MTR ( Muscle Tissue Restoration) was born. With an in depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology and martial art leverage techniques, Olof and his Therapists use power from the ground to deliver more than enough force to break deep adhesions and restore muscle function.
A.S., L.M.T. (Member A.M.T.A)
NSCA-CPT certified. For 11 years Gavin has treated people with Manual Therapy techniques. Skilled in treating Brachial Neuralgia, Sciatica, and Lumbago, Gavin has had much success at Nordic Therapy. Gavin has an extraordinary ability to root out the problem,treat,and deliver. Gavin is an avid hockey player in Westchester NY league. As a certified MTR therapist, he has understood the benefits of MTR, and frequently undergoes treatment himself, enabling him to play the rough sport of hockey, injury free!



Alex has been helping athletes and pro trainers achieve their goals at our center, focusing on rotator cuff injuries and hamstring pulls. He is also well versed in sports and nutrition, and provides his clients with personalized tips for better health and optimal performance. On his spare time, he enjoys free diving, and has dived to 90 feet without diving gear in Aruba.  He credits his free diving ability to many hours of MTR, which has optimized oxygen consumption in his muscles.





Brynja Is a certified MTR Therapist with a focus on sports injuries, muscle strains, and sprains. Brynja Is an avid health and fitness enthusiast. She was on both the Springfield  College and adrenaline gym powerlifting teams.  She continues to power lift  injury free thanks to receiving many hours of MTR. Brynja Has extraordinary physical strength  as well as knowledge about kinesiology, human anatomy and physiology and physical training, making her a valuable MTR therapist.